Imagine Duluth 2035: Forward Together

An update to the 2006 Comprehensive Land Use Plan

[January 3rd, 2018] The Imagine Duluth 2035 update to the City’s Comprehensive Plan is nearing completion. The contents of this plan are the result of many months of dedicated work by the community to confirm priorities for the city. Linked below, you can find draft copies of many (but not all, because they’re not quite complete) of the plan’s elements. Updates will continue to these plan documents through the adoption process, so please check back frequently. All documents included here are in draft format and are dated as of the most recent version. If you expected to see something here and it isn’t listed, email us at or call us at (218) 730-5580.

For those interested in reviewing only a consolidated copy of the policies & strategies, click here (updated 1.17.18). 

Table of Contents

i. Cover Page

ii. Introduction

iii. Acknowledgements

iv. Benchmarks and Reporting Back updated 2.27.18

v. Table of Contents

1. Background

2. Transition from 2006 Plan updated 1.5.18

3. Summary Update: Indicators - Demographics and Regional Economy

4. Community Engagement Process

5. Governing Principles

6. Future Land Use Categories and Map 

a. Fond du Lac to Irving updated 2.20.18

b. Irving and Fairmount Brownfields Revitalization Plan Map updated 3.6.18

c. West Duluth to Lincoln Park updated 2.20.18

d. Lincoln Park to Hillside updated 2.20.18

e. Hillside to Lester updated 2.20.18

f. Airport to Woodland updated 3.6.18

7. Economic Development updated 3.8.18

a. Implementation Actions updated 1.9.18

8. Energy and Conservation updated 2.15.18

a. Implementation Actions updated 1.9.18

9. Housing updated 2.27.18

a. Implementation Actions updated 1.5.18

10. Open Space updated 2.27.18

a. Implementation Actions updated 2.27.18

11. Transportation updated 2.27.18

a. Implementation Actions updated 2.27.18

12. General Development updated 2.28.18

13. Transformative Opportunities updated 3.20.18

a. Core Investment Areas updated 1.23.18

14. Plan Amendments

15. Appendices

a. Irving Fairmount Brownfields Revitalization Plan

b. 2016 Survey Outcomes

c. Health in All Policies Survey Results

d. 2017 Youth Engagement

e. Imagine Canal Park Interim Community Engagement Summary Report