Economic Development

Downtown Duluth The economic development component of the Plan update will provide an in-depth review of the local and regional economy, identify strategies, programs, and projects to improve the economy, and establish policy direction for economic growth. As part of the comprehensive plan update, this component will identify locations for future development and how to support emerging and technology-based economic development. Specific questions that we’re considering include:

Questions updated 12/6/16:

  1. What is the job density by industry in Duluth? Do we have an adequate supply of undeveloped land and building space for future economic development?

  2. Where (in Duluth/region/state/nationally/globally) do new businesses want to locate? What types of sites are in greatest demand, by industry type?

  3. How do we plan for the technology and web based industries?

  4. Are the city's job centers accessible from or integrated with residential areas?

  5. How do we strengthen our employment base?

  6. What economic sectors are projected to grow and do we have enough infrastructure to support?

  7. How do we encourage the development that we want?

  8. What is the cost of doing business in Duluth compared to other regions?

  9. What is the present mix of industry types in Duluth by job, or value created (is there a local metric that's comparable to national GDP)? Is the city's industrial base adequately diverse to meet our goals? What are wages per job in various industries in Duluth?

  10. How can we promote solar technology resources and wind alternative energy sources for our economic sustainability?

  11. For outdoor recreation and tourism what resources could help to continue growing those two sectors?

  12. How can we establish metrics to follow and track community development?

  13. How can we support green infrastructure and recreation opportunities?

  14. What are the strongest industry clusters in our region and how can the City help position them for future success?

  15. How does a city's economic development blueprint serve to strengthen its downtown? What industry clusters are presently in Duluth's downtown, and where are the possibilities for growth?

  16. Aviation sector, water based industries, colleges, healthcare, city-wide marketing

  17. What is the infrastructure capacity level for the currently designated commercial and industrially zoned properties?


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March 7, 2017

October 3, 2016