Open Space

Chester Park Picnic Area Open space is perhaps Duluth’s most distinguishing feature to those who choose to live and visit Duluth. We need to understand the nature and value of our existing resources in order to achieve a balance between development and open space preservation. Through the planning process we hope to explore the following questions:

Draft Open Space Policies:

POLICY #1: The City will identify and preserve Tax Forfeited land (current and future) that is of high value ecologically or socially to the community. Intentional and orderly sale of tax forfeited land that is not highly valued, will be supported.

POLICY #2: Recognizing that there are barriers to open space, including: distance, slope, and high traffic roads; the City will ensure all neighborhoods have access to quality open space.

POLICY #3: The City will work to further identify, monitor, improve, and preserve open space with high ecological value.

POLICY #4: Understanding that Duluth’s resiliency to flooding is tied directly to open space, specifically stream corridors, wetlands and forested areas, the City will identify lands that are most integral to water retention.  The City will preserve these lands (and possibly acquire with the intention to permanently preserve) and will consider leading an initiative to develop a multi-jurisdictional regional storm water management body.

POLICY #5: The City will fully implement the 2010 Parks and Recreation Master Plan, focusing on the development of a tiered park system that is sensitive to budgetary constraints. Considerations will include; minimum maintenance parks, disposing of non-essential parkland, and reinvention of existing parks.

POLICY #6: The City will explore tools such as Transfer of Development Rights (TDR), Urban Growth Boundaries, and land swaps to assist in directing development to exiting urban areas where utilities and infrastructure are present, and further preserving high quality undeveloped lands.


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June 29, 2017 

March 9, 2017

October 4, 2016