Open Space

Chester Park Picnic Area Open space is perhaps Duluth’s most distinguishing feature to those who choose to live and visit Duluth. We need to understand the nature and value of our existing resources in order to achieve a balance between development and open space preservation. Through the planning process we hope to explore the following questions:

Questions updated 12/6/16:

  1. What is the definition of open space?

  2. Are our open space areas well connected to our neighborhoods?

  3. Do we all have equal access to natural/passive open space areas? Do our open space and park areas adequately serve people of all cultural backgrounds?

  4. Does the urban form and distribution of open space promote healthy lifestyles?

  5. Where are ecologically important open space areas to be preserved?

  6. Is the quantity of and distribution of parks sufficient for a city of our size and shape?

  7. Are there areas that put too much demand on infrastructure and services and are there areas with excess capacity?

  8. Are areas set aside for future phases of urban growth adequate for the community’s needs? (Tier 1, Tier 2)

  9. What tools could be utilized to make us a more resilient community with ever changing climate factors?

  10. What tools do we have available to preserve important open space areas permanently?

  11. Do we have the financial resources to sustain the planned amount of open and undeveloped space?

  12. Are our parks and open spaces adequate for surrounding densities?

  13. How do small parks/open spaces/plazas fit into the City's parks systems?


Open Space Focus Group: Meeting Agendas and Information

Next Meeting: June 29, 2017

4:30pm, City Hall, Room 303


March 9, 2017

October 4, 2016