The Vision Committee has reviewed the public comments we received about the health and fairness principles and updated the language to include more action oriented verbs (ex: “we will” instead of “we should”). The principles as written below will now go to a City Council Committee of the Whole on April 10, 2017 and to the Planning Commission for a Public Hearing during a regular meeting on April 11, 2017. See the Events page for more details.

Develop a healthy community

Supporting health and well-being is a priority. The City will actively promote access for all to health resources, quality food, recreation, social opportunities, and a clean and secure environment. Policy decisions will consider impacts on health and health equity.

Integrate fairness into the fabric of the community.

All people will have equitable access to resources and opportunities that stabilize and enhance their lives. The City recognizes historical and current disparities and will actively promote inclusive and participatory decision-making that addresses systemic barriers to success. Investments and policies will advance and maximize equity in the City.